The EPATEE project (https://epatee.eu) aims at providing support for enhanced evaluation practices, and at facilitating experience sharing between all stakeholders interested in the evaluation of energy efficiency policies. A key aspect of the project is to get regular feedbacks from the stakeholders to ensure that EPATEE outputs are meeting their expectations. This second survey is part of this process. Results of the first survey can be found on the EPATEE website: https://epatee.eu/main-results.

The following questions refer to energy efficiency policies and focus on policy evaluation, in particular to ex-post evaluation.
This survey first aim is to get your views and suggestions about what the future EPATEE web tool should include. The second goal is to understand how evaluation is integrated (or not) into the policy cycle, and to look for examples of practices that could facilitate a better integration of evaluation into the policy cycle.


The personal data you will provide us will be used to keep you informed about the EPATEE activities and invite you to take part in our actions, and will never be given to third parties outside the project. Moreover, reports on this survey will only contain anonymized data.

We thank you for the time you will spend in filling this questionnaire in. 
Expected time to complete the survey: 10-15 minutes.

The deadline is 2th of March 2018.